Wednesday, 04.03.2020.

On March 3, 2020, an exhibition of sculptures done in metal was opened at the Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, organized together by HBIS Serbia and the Faculty of Fine Arts. The exhibition of 11 sculptures from the HBisART project will be open until March 18th.
HBIS GROUP Serbia Director Song Sihai and the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Belgrade University Dimitrije Pecic defined the cooperation with the Agreement from April 2019, followed by two academic workshops that were held in Smederevo steel plant during the past year.
The exhibition of metal sculptures is accompanied by photos, as well as the film made by fine arts students - New Media Department, documenting the days of sculpting metal and creating works of art at HBIS Serbia. In addition to the professors and students of the faculty, the exhibition was also attended by art admirers as well as the professionals.
Professor Dragan Rajsic, Head of the Sculpting Department, announced that they have plans for larger and more ambitious projects, which will be implemented in the coming years.
Students Bogdan Djukanovic and Filip Djukic expressed their gratitude to HBIS Serbia, management and employees for allowing them to learn about metal as a material, with all its properties from the process of forming, smelting to the final product, as well as the knowledge and experience of professionals who provided all necessary assistance.
"Since we are dealing with black metallurgy industry, the idea was to bring a little" light" to our everyday life with this project. We invited students from Fine Arts Faculty who do not have the opportunity in college to create using expensive materials such as metal, to come here and practice, and it was really inspiring for them, but also for the workers at our facilities. We can see the result of that collaboration tonight at the exhibition, and we hope that one day our sculptures will decorate some public area as well. This is our ambition", stated by Tatjana Bjelic, Director of Public Relations at HBIS Serbia.