Dear business partners,

HBIS Company permanent commitment, with HBIS GROUP Serbia being its part, is to develop strong and long-term relationships with its partners in order to mutually improve its operations.

We owe the success of our Company to the quality and efficient support of our suppliers, domestic and foreign, and that is why we invite all business entities to join us.

We care for the needs of all our departments and facilities, and we are well aware of the iron and steel production requirements, therefore we act treat everyone as a partner building our relationship on quality, honoring of purchase orders, contracts, legal procedures and company values.

Business with our company in terms of Procurement is founded on fair relations of responsible and satisfied partners. We will strive, as a buyer and user of your goods and services, to procure the best and highest quality products and thus provide a competitive advantage to create value in our facilities, as well as to provide excellent services for our company. You can be sure that we will fulfill our obligations on time and that you, as our supplier, are protected if you respect the appropriate legal framework and the company’s Code of Ethical Business Conduct, safety procedures, health and environmental protection. We expect that and demand it from both sides at the same time. Only in this way do we share the same values ​​and the same rules of operating in achieving common goals.

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For our production we need more steel scrap than we can collect in our plant. Our steel scrap suppliers must be aware of our requirements regarding the required quality, packaging and prohibited waste that we do not accept.

Procurement department in our company, among other things, earns money by selling secondary raw materials.


In order to be a contractor at HBIS GROUP Serbia, you are obliged to obtain all necessary permits and approvals for the execution of contracted works, provide professional supervision over carrying out of contracted works, take all necessary precautions in order to protect persons or property from injury or damage. Carry out all work in a timely and professional manner and without unnecessary interfering with the work of others performing their jobs or company’s business, along with a written statement on the health ability of its employees / subcontractors prior to starting your work.


Suppliers of goods and contractors who deliver goods and services for work anywhere inside the grounds of HBIS GROUP Serbia, being the purchaser of these goods, must comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia, regarding the delivery of tools, equipment and materials, as well as the submission of appropriate documentation. Prior to delivery, suppliers of goods and contractors are required to submit a Safety Data Sheet (MSDS sheet) to the Work Safety and Industrial Hygiene Department, Chemical Adviser, for inspection. They also need to provide contact information.

in order to show that we respect our business partners, we periodically organize joint meetings where we remind them of the rules and principles of the Code and Business Conduct in the company HBIS Serbia.


The operation of the Procurement relies on the SAP platform and a stream of procedures and documents to keep processes documented, transparent and secure. Attached are the links for documents, which are available to you in order to easily understand our expectations, manner of operations and system support for the processes involved.

Dear Partners,

HBIS Serbia invites you to contact us in case you have any doubts and/or knowledge about the unethical operating of our company. The easiest way to do that is through our Confidential Line, anonymously or by leaving your data, without fear of the consequences that such a report may have. This way you can eliminate any doubts or report a problem in the following areas of our business:

• Work safety and industrial hygiene;
• Environmental protection;
• Production problems;
• Financial embezzlements and fraud;
• Inadequate work and behavior / breaking of procedures;
• Code of Ethics and ethical behavior;
• Other