Respected clients,

Since safety of all our employees and of our clients always comes first, as well as measures taken in order to prevent Coronavirus transmission, we would like to inform you that starting from November 23, 2020, we have provided you with ON-LINE training and test for your employees / our clients, who are hired to come into HBIS GROUP Serbia facilities to execute works either within production process or in maintenance works. Before arriving to our Company, the obligation for all your engaged employees (our clients) who are coming to the plant for the first time, or for whom the 12 months training validation has expired, would be to go through the provided ON-LINE Training, using video content and ON-LINE test that you may find at HBIS GROUP Serbia web page:

Please follow the instructions displayed at web page on how to register and how to get a password in order to continue. After a candidate completes watching of the video presentation, and after successfully passing the test, this application will generate a certificate to print. In order to provide an entrance into our Company, it is necessary for each of your employees to provide this certificate, printed and singed to the Protocol officer at the Main Gate entrance point.
Goal of this training is to provide basic knowledge related to Safety Regulations in our Company. Training is considered completed after successfully passing the test, representing a condition for further performing of contractors works within HBIS GROUP Serbia.
On-line test is consisted of 28 questions. In order to successfully pass the test, it is necessary to answer correctly to 25 or more questions. In case of having less then 25 correct answers, the test is considered as FAILED. Validity of training certificate is 12 months as off the date of successfully passing the test.

HBIS GROUP Serbia wishes you a successful training, and for your work and staying inside our Company to be safe.