In HBIS Serbia occupational safety and health are one of the key objectives of the Company, which has been confirmed by the Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

Guided by it, HBIS Serbia aims to follow, develop and apply modern approach in creating safe work conditions. Special attention is attended towards creating and developing of the safe and healthy work environment culture, by engaging in this process all employees along with developing responsibility of each employee, and especially managers in prevention of all incidents.

The certification company SGS Belgrade, audited and issued Certificate of Conformity for Ocuppational Safety and Health System of HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel llc Belgrade, all in accrodance with the requirements of the ISO 45001 Standard.

With gaining of the Certificate it has been confirmed that our Company has taken all necessary steps to ensure that by implementing Occupational Safety and Health Policy, as well as the ISO 45001 Standard, we established, documented, implemented, maintained while continuously improving its Management System for occupational safety and health.

As the key objective, the Company HBIS Serbia has established: ZERO INCIDENTS WITH INJURIES (open active page link).


HBIS Group Serbia supports the EU Regulation dated December 18, 2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), applicable since June 1, 2007.

Important objectives of the new EU chemical policies include improved protection of human health and environment from potentially harmful risks. At the same time the aim is to maintain and improve competitiveness in the chemical industries of the European Union. In the future, companies are allowed to produce or import into the EU only those chemical substances that are proven safe for humans and the environment. Manufacturers and/or importers must be provided with sufficient data regarding respective material properties (particularly the physical and chemical properties, hazardous properties, environmental precautions). Each material must be specifically evaluated for each individual application.

SEVESO – Safety Management System

In accordance with the Rulebook on the list of hazardous substances and their amounts and criteria for determining the type of documents produced by the operator of SEVESO installation or complex, HBIS Serbia, Smederevo branch has recognized itself as SEVESO higher-tier operator. Accordingly, HBIS Serbia, Smederevo branch has established Safety management System.

Besides that, the following documents are prepared: The Report on the safety and Accident protection plan, whereas, as of March 2021, we received an Approval from the Ministry for Environmental Protection. These documents contain risk assessment, prevention measures and measures of protection against chemical accidents. Also, composition of the emergency response teams, as well as the emergency response procedure for different scenarios is defined. During the 2019 a brochure was developed to inform the public (households and companies in the environment) about the SEVESO operator, entitled “Importance of Prevention and Proper Actions to Protect against Chemical Accident”.