After a two-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic, HBIS Serbia organized the “Customer’s Day” in September again. This is a specific event dedicated to development of partner relations with our customers. For our company, a customer is a partner and a friend because we strive for the joint development of our businesses, which provide a better quality of life for our families.

With a statement that HBIS Serbia organizes this event in order to thank its customers in a special way for continuous cooperation, we emphasize that only together we can overcome any challenges. A very complex geopolitical situation in Europe is dramatically changing the market dynamics and bringing new challenges that affect all of us. We will remain dedicated to our partners. The company HBIS Serbia will continue to be a reliable and regular partner, which will justify your loyalty and cooperation with us, and all that so we could overcome current difficulties with joint forces, while focusing on the future at the same time. We gather our customers in one place to honor them and respect them for being a part of our successes and for choosing us as their partners.