The investments in our plant never stops. We continually invest in improving the production process, workplace safety and protection of the environment, making it a preconditions for fulfilling HBIS Serbia Company greatest values.

HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel llc, Belgrade (hereinafter HBIS Serbia) is a company founded in 2016. as part of international HBIS GROUP Corporation. We are a well-known producer of steel, hot and cold rolled products and tin plate in southeast Europe. The company’s projected production capacity is 2.2 million tons of finished products per year. We employ more than 5.000 employees. Production facilities of HBIS Serbia consists of factory in Smederevo for the production of cold and hot rolled flat steel products and factory in Sabac for the production of tin plate. HBIS Serbia has implemented a quality management system which is applied, maintained and constantly improved.

HBIS Serbia produces flat rolled steel products in coils and sheets such as:

  • Hot-rolled products
  • Hot-rolled chequered products
  • Hot rolled pickled products
  • Cold rolled products
  • Tinplate products


The plant in Smederevo produces iron at two blast furnaces, then converts blast furnace iron to raw steel at a three-furnace converter shop and continuous casting complex. Steel processing includes a hot strip mill, sheet cold reduction mill, annealing and tempering units.


HBIS Serbia – division in Sabac produces tin-coated steel products used by customers in the packaging industry for production of cans for food products, paints, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Port facilities are comprised of two units – The Old and New Port in Smederevo. The ports are fully equipped and HBIS Serbia uses them to unload raw materials delivered by the Danube River, as well as for loading the barges intended for river transportation of products to customers. The Old Port has a closed storage unit with a surface of 420 square meters.