HBIS Serbia is a well known producer of steel, hot and cold rolled products and tin plate. In addition to the domestic market, HBIS Serbia, which has been Serbia’s largest exporter for years, also sells its products on markets of the entire Balkan region, Europe and worldwide.


HBIS Serbia produces hot rolled products in a semi-continuous six-stand rolling mill, with a maximum width of 2,050 mm and weight up to 35 t. Modern equipment and technology combined with controlled rolling process provide products’ quality meeting world standards. Hot rolled products of HBIS Serbia are the general structural steels, low-carbon and fine grained micro-alloyed steels, as well as the products for boilers and pressure vessels, shipbuilding, pipes and tubes, patterned products, as well as the corrosion resistant ones.


HBIS Serbia produces cold rolled products at the continuous automated 5-stand Tandem mill, which enables cold processing with maximum reduction of 92%, resulting in shapes and profiles in accordance with world standards. Our quality range goes for low-carbon steel products that meet needs for pulling and deep pulling quality, structural steel products, products from low-carbon steel for enameling and black plate.


HBIS Serbia tin making facility located in Sabac, with production units CPL, ETL and CL, produces its final products through the edge trimming, plating, cutting and packaging processes. The final product, tin plate in form of either coils or sheets, is then further processed for its end use, by the customer. Our tin plate is used for various applications, depending on temper, size, tin coating weight and passivation process. It is used in Packaging Industry for production of cans, and finds it’s further use in industries such as Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other industries.