Monday, 22.04.2019.

On Friday April 19th 2019, under the HBIS GROUP Serbia’s general sponsorship a 27th Regional Competition of the four year education students of mechanical engineering occupation was held in the Technical High School with topics from field of mechanics – statics, computer graphic and mechanical elements modeling and constructions. The Company provided 9 awards that were presented to the best students for first three places in three categories whereas one student from Velika Plana got the Surprise Award from the Company. The competition was opened by Zhao Kaixing, Executive Director of Engineering and Technological Support of HBIS Serbia and on this occasion he stated: “Our cooperation is based on dual education and many students from this school are in practice in our facilities. I hope that they will find their place in our factory after completing their education and that together with us they will make the Smederevo company a real pride of Serbia. Our focus is on young professional people who can contribute to our development and we shall always be here to support them and to give them a chance.”
The competition was attended by more than 50 students of mechanical schools and the same number of their teachers and mentors from several cities in Serbia. Jovica Dobric, General Manager of Production Support at HBIS, presented the awards to the best of students: Milan Randjelovic, second year student from Technical High School „Nikola Tesla“ from Velika Plana was offered a job within the company when he finishes his education and that was a surprise award.
In Statics category the winners were:

1. Andrija Savić, Tehnička škola Vranje

2. Pavle Ivković, Tehnička škola Zaječar

3. Jovan Tasić, Tehnička škola Vranje

In Computer graphics category the awards were presented to

1. Milan Ranđelović, Tehnička škola Nikola Tesla, Velika Plana

2. Veljko Filipović, Tehnička škola Rade Metalac, Leskovac

3. Ivana Tacković, Tehnička škola Smederevo

And in Mechanical elements modeling and construction category the winning students were

1. Andrija Cvetković, Tehnička škola Pirot

2. Aleksandar Živković, Tehnička škola Pirot

3. Dimitrije Pavlović, Tehnička škola Nikola Tesla, Velika Plana