Monday, 03.12.2018.

The children and grandchildren of our employees on December 1, 2018 drew for the Children's Safety Calendar for 2019 in the Smederevo steel plant. It was the second year in a row that children drew their pictures in the factory. At the initiative of Chinese management last year, the first drawing was organized by HBIS GROUP Serbia.


This was an indicator of the company's social responsibility towards the families of employees, because through family conversations and good drawings of children it is shown that Safety comes first at HBIS GROUP Serbia.


Organized by the management of the Company's Work Safety and Industrial Hygiene Department for about 70 participants of the competition, they first visited to the factory by organized buses. The children had the opportunity to get to know the size of the factory, go past all the facilities in the main production flow and learn about the steel making , with the general message that respecting safety procedures and safety rules and wearing protective equipment ensures that our employees return unharmed every day to their families.


Participants of the competition were then welcomed by the organizers, representatives of the Work Safety and Industrial Hygiene Sector and the Public Relations Department in the company's canteen. General Manager for Work Safety Miodrag Minic did it in an aluminised suit, thus showed the children how personal protective equipment protects every part of the employee's body. Each participant of the competition received from the representatives of this sector a gift of anti-stress cube, which says "Do not gamble with your life!" This cube will be given to all employees in December, and it should be a reminder not to use shortcuts in work and unsafe work practices. And for children, this cube will be a toy and a nice memory on the day when they along with other children and grandchildren, from 6 to 14 year old drew their pictures for the Children Safety Calendar for 2019.


The best drawings from December 1, will illustrate 12 months in the company's calendar for the next year, and their authors will be rewarded.