Friday, 06.07.2018.


Director of HBIS GROUP Serbia Song Sihai greeted today at Smederevo steel plant the President of Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, taking him for a tour of the Hot Strip Mill production facility. Participating in the tour were also his Excellency the Ambassador of PR China in Serbia, Li Manchang, State Secretary at Ministry of Economy of Republic of Serbia Dragan Stevanovic and the Mayor of Smederevo Jasna Avramovic.


President of Serbia thanked the management of the Company and the friends of the Hebei province because they helped solving one of the Serbia’s biggest problems.


From a factory with no future, no work for the workers, financially relying on the state, today led by Chinese management it is realistic that the company will soon produce 1.700.000 tons of steel. “We believe that with further investments, improvement of capacity in the year to follow HBIS Serbia will produce even more tons and remain the most important producer of steel as it is, now the second largest exporter from Serbia”, stated by President Vucic after the tour of the Hot Strip Mill.


Director of HBIS GROUP Serbia Song Sihai said that as of the first day of acquiring of the company we have received incomparable support from the Government and President Vucic himself, and this is why he has expressed his gratitude to the entire nation of Serbia for the support given during last two years. “Our company has moved forward. We will continue with the investments in order to secure steady jobs for the employees, and each year we will make our effort to employ new 200 young people”, stated by Song.


“After two years from the moment of acquiring of the steel plant, this is the story about changes in Serbia, about success and improvement. We are ever thankful to the President Xi because without his support, and the support of people of China, all this could not be achieved. We have saved the jobs for over 5.200 people who are now confident in themselves, their city and their country”, said by President Vucic while emphasizing that Smederevo city annually receives 3.800.000 euros of direct income from the steel plant along with other incomes from their associates and everyone else who’s business is connected to the steel plant.


President also stated that he expects that one Chinese company will apply for the tender for RTB Bor which will be opened in next 10 days and of course will be transparent, and furthermore he also announced that he will be traveling to China at the end of this summer or at the beginning of the autumn for the meeting with the President of China.


“To me it seems that Serbia presented itself as a very hospitable country, but also as a country which can respect the Chinese working habits, diligence and dedication. I believe that the results will be even better in the future”, stated by the President Vucic while announcing that he also expects significant investments in the Industrial zone in Smederevo.


“We expect the Chinese plan for this to arrive by the September and then we shall see what the State of Serbia needs to do”, stated by the President Vucic.