Wednesday, 30.05.2018.


The beginning of the international training program in Serbia for 2018 for steel plant employees held by the Chinese lecturers, organized by the Ministry of Trade of PR China – Academy for International Business Officials and HBIS Group was officially opened today at HBIS GROUP Serbia. The topic of this training is the “Quality of performance and standards as a part of international cooperation program in production capacities”.


Tang Sjaodong, PR China Embassy attaché said that huge changes occurred at Smederevo steel plant during the last two years, and that the support from Presidents of both countries represents the guarantee of its steady operations. He appraised the energy and hard work that plant employees invested, as well and the plant management, asking them to put even more effort so that the plant’s operations continue to improve.


He said that Chinese Ministry of Economy is continuing this year with the trainings that started in Serbia in 2017, which was attended by 1520 employees during 8 seminars throughout last year. He thanked the Academy for organizing the trainings and wished for its success. On behalf of the PR China Ministry of Trade, Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO), Mr. Liu Mingdž Deputz Director of the Institute congratulated on the sucesfull begining of new training stating the following:


“In 2017 the Institute where I work organized 5 courses of trainings from the area of technology and management that were focused on the steel plant in Smederevo, whereas 3 of those courses were held in Smederevo. This year seminar has a historical importance for development of cooperation between China and Serbia in the area of human resources, as well as new life to Smederevo steel plant.”


Ći Juedžang, HBIS Corporation Deputy to General Director stated: “Among numerous projects and investments, HBIS Serbia represents a significant link and successful example of development of HBIS in the area of international operating. In the future, HBIS will additionally increase its support and within the next 3 to 5 years, HBIS Serbia will become a modern steel producer, with equipment level significantly improved as well as the product quality. This year, Chinese Ministry of Trade again approved the programs of HBIS Serbia employees trainings, with extensive content and I am sure that it will greatly contribute to further development of this Company“, said by Mr. Ći.


Miroslav Radanović, Director of Steel Scrap and Strategic Raw Materials at HBIS Serbia stated that the future of our steel plant since the acquisition of the plant became certain and safer, and that the training he had in China opened new horizons in the area of science, knowledge and business operating.


Jasna Avramović, the Mayor of Smederevo City also thanked the Presidents of both countries for the support that they gave to our steel plant. She said that the City and the plant are working well together, jointly solving any problem that might occur to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. She also said that Smederevo is going to be visited on June 5th, by the Mayor of Thangshan, a City in China that Smederevo became deeply connected with. “We believe that this friendship will last for decades and centuries to come “, concluded by Mayor Avramović.