HBIS Group Serbia supports the EU Regulation of 18 December 2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), which entered into force on 1 June 2007.


Important objectives of the new EU chemical policies include improved protection of human health and the environment from potentially harmful risks. At the same time the aim is to maintain and improve competitiveness in the chemical industries of the European Union. In the future, companies are allowed to produce or import into the EU only those chemical substances that are proven to be safe for humans and the environment. Manufacturers and/or importers must be sufficiently provided with data on the respective material properties (particularly the physical and chemical properties, hazardous properties, environmental precautions). Each material must be specifically evaluated for each individual application.




The implementation process of the REACH regulation is running in HBIS actively. After an analysis and identification of the range and quantity of the purchased, produced and sold goods, a material list was prepared in active collaboration with our suppliers. This list was reviewed in compliance with legislative requirements and all the pre-registered substances and preparations, which had to be registered, were identified. If we are bound as a producer or an importer to register them in compliance with the REACH regulation, we will do it before the scheduled dates to secure our deliveries.


All specific information on exposition scenarios, which are being evaluated and encompass a support for our material applications, is available for our contractors.


In close cooperation with suppliers we are determined to implement the REACH legislation as easy as possible. It means that our customers will receive continuous deliveries of goods, which will always comply with the REACH regulation.


What does HBIS expect from its suppliers?


HBIS expects that all of its suppliers have pre-registered their very substances or substances contained in their preparations and will register them in time. HBIS also expects that our customers will notify us on each updated list of Substances of High Concern in their goods in compliance with the REACH regulation without delay.


REACH Declaration

REACH Deklaracija Troska(SLAG)

Self-declaration OR BENS - HBIS